3D Pet Casting for Dog & Cat

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Our 3D casting techniques can now be used to capture the paws of your beloved pooches too! We use the same process as we would with humans for most of these keepsakes – 3D moulds of their “hands”, capturing all the tiny details.

Make a statement piece of bespoke gift from your furry best friend. It's very easy to make with our instructions, you can totally do it all by yourself!

Size Guide

  • Cat: Cat single paw
  • Small Bread: Small Dog single paw (miniature breeds & small terriers) 
  • Medium Bread: Medium Dog single paw (spaniels, beagles & collies. Dogs 24-57 pounds)
  • Large Breed: Large Dog single paw (labradors, retrievers & big doggies!! Dogs 58-99 Pounds)   

Step-by-Step Instructions:

  1. Mix the molding powder with water. The ratio of molding power to water is 1:3. Insert dog's paw into the molding container.
  2. After about 75 seconds the mold sets. Wiggle dog's paw out of the molding material.
  3. Mix the bag of casting stone with water. The ratio of casting powder to water is 2:1. Pour the casting mixture into the mold. Let the casting stone harden for two hours.
  4. Uncover the mold and get the statue.
  5. Paint and enjoy it!

Package Included:

  1. Molding powder
  2. Plaster
  3. 1 x Sliver & White Paint
  4. 1 x Brush
  5. x Detailed Instructions

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