Tutorial- How to do 3D Hand & Foot Casting?


The Ratio of Molding Powder to Water is 1:4;

The Ratio of Plaster to Water is 3:1

Step 1

Pour the measured water into a bowl, cup or bucket.

Water should be under 21 degree. The temperature affects how long it takes the molding powder to set. Using cold water is going to buy us more time on set. For babies we recommend warmer water up to about 21 degrees, this is more close to human  body  temperature, help baby stay still.

Step 2

Mix the moulding powder with water, and stir quickly for one minute. The color of power will turn from white to purple (or pink).

If the powder is for adult related kit, you’d better use electric whisk. If for baby only, then use a hand whisk will be fine.

Step 3

Insert hand into the molding container.


Arm better be straight up, and not touch the bottom or sides of the container. You can practice the position first before beginning to do it.

Put some olive oil on the clay or put some cream on hand before casting. It helps the clay not stick to hands as well as helps your mould come out of the clay easier.

Step 4

After the liquid turned solid. Wiggle hand out of the moulding material. 

After about 75 seconds, the color of moulding power will turn from purple into blue (or turn from pink back into white).

Step 5

Pour the Plaster into another bowl, cup or bucket. Mix it with cold water.

Mix quickly to get rid of lumps. Better take less than 4 minutes to make the plastic is nice and smooth

Step 6

Pour the plaster into the holes of model set.

Pour in a quarter at a time and tap the bottle with both hands contentiously to get rid of little bubbles. Doing this until it thicken up and hole is filled up.

Step 7

Let the casting stone harden for one hour. Uncover the mould and get the statue. Paint Color and enjoy it!


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