Puppy Pawprint Imprint Kit

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Step 1: Rip the super light clay bag, kneading super light clay five minutes. Finally, knead it into a ball with smooth surface.

Step 2: Put the spherical super light clay into the base groove, flatten. Use the ductility of the super light clay to fill the entire groove. Use the wafer auxiliary tool to modify the details until perfect.

Step 3: Clean the dog's claw, place the claw on the super light clay, gently press each toe and soles of the feet with your hands, and ensure the molding depth of the claw print with the force of the hand.

Step 4:Print an inch of photo, stick the photo to the middle area of the photo house.

Step 5: Insert decorations, paste to handwrite stickers, put in a cool and dry place for one weeks , and then cover the dust cover,permanent preservation.

Product accessories and material description

Product main body:  Size: 135mm*135*132(mm)Material: ABS,PC

Wafer Auxiliary Tools: Size: Diameter 120(mm)Material:ABS

Photo House (affixed with an inch photo) Material: wood, Environmental Ink

Handwritten stickers Material:  paper

Cherry blossom tree: wood, Environmental Ink (cherry blossom pink only)

Cedar Pine: wood, Environmental Ink (snow and blue only)

Super light clay: hollow tiny sphere 30.5%, adhesives: 35%, edible pigment: 0.5%, water: 38.5% 


Paw print keepsake is the perfect everyday gift to cherish your dog or cat paw print! Exquisite craftsmanship and innovative design. It is an unique souvenir for new pet parents or pet lovers, and each unique paw print is an unique eternal commemoration.

This paw print contains everything you need to make your dog or cat's cute little paws, including 100% pet security impression material, transparent cover, decorative trees, and ID labels.

A one inch photo showing your pet or baby image, perfectly matched with your home style. As an emotional memorials, this gift will accompany you to spend every spring, summer, autumn and winter.

Ultra-light clay help you easily print the pet paw prints. Baby skin care grade material, healthy and environmentally friendly, without any bad smell.

360 degree transparent cover, high light transmittance,dustproof, moisture proof, even if you accidentally drop the souvenir, it won't even break! Prints will also remain intact for permanent preservation.